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Speedy recovery

Since one of the primary factors in a speedy recovery is being sure that plenty of nutrients get to the muscle tissues pre, mid and post hard workout, choke down a chicken and rice at that time is not really an option.
• But at the same time, you know that there’s a time frame where your body stores nutrients in muscle tissue and away from fat stores.
• In the old days it was straight sugar then it went to the corn starch, dextrose or maltodextrin. After that it moved to Vita
rgo and waxy maize.
• Yamamoto® Nutrition GlycoBol is the evolution..
The new class of carb based supplements called "designer glucose polymers", or the highly branched cyclodextrins (HBCD).
• GlycoBol® enhances pre workout energy and speed up post workout recovery without the gastrointestinal stress that the other carbohydrate powders cause.
• Avoiding insulin spikes and resultant blood sugar crashes makes this a perfect intra-workout energy source.
• It’s high molecular weight and low osmoliaty means that it can pull nutrients such as whey or BCAAS, through the stomach in a speedy way to increase performance.
• It is also gradually broken down into the blood stream which means it does not cause your blood sugar levels to plummet.
• By rapidly passing through the stomach, working muscles get supplied with amino acids and glycogen.
• Users wanting to lose body fat can and should still consume GlycoBol® during their workout to fuel performance whilst it increase fat burning. It is for this reason that GlycoBol® can and should not be compared to any other carbohydrate.
• GlycoBol® has been shown to lower levels of cortisol post workout and is also gluten, soy and diary free while being NON-GMO.
• ZUP15 za 15% na Yamamoto nutrition.

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