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Povezava možgani - mišica

Have you ever noticed that you feel the target muscle contract better on your warm up sets than your heavy working sets?
• Heavy weights do build muscle but you should feel the target muscle contract on every rep. If you can’t, it’s a good sign you’re lifting too much weight.
• It’s the tension our muscles are subjected to that regulates their size.
• More weight, more tension, more intensity equals more muscle growth, however, there is a point where the weight you are lifting can become too heavy.
• When you lift too heavy is causes supporting muscles to get involved in moving and stabilizing the weight. This shifts some tension off the target muscle and distributes the tension across several other muscle groups as the body tries to move the weight.
• This can ‘dilute’ the growth potential of the target muscle.
• Building muscle is not about moving the heaviest weight possible, it’s about maximally stimulating the target muscle through its full range of motion under maximum tension.
• Too much weight reduces your range of motion, shifts tension away from the target muscle, reduces your mind muscle connection, causes the CNS (central nervous system) to fail before the muscle fibres have been stimulated, and dramatically increases your chance of injury.
• I’m not saying you should never lift very heavy. Doing heavy bench presses, deadlifts and squats in the low 5 rep range every now and then is a must, but be sensible, lift intelligently and remember your ultimate goal is to train for maximum muscle growth..
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