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When you are on vacation

The BIG problem when you are on vacation is finding the right things to eat and preparing your bodybuilding meals. You have two options - either make an effort to find ‘bodybuilding foods’ or take it with you.

•One of the best sources of protein when you’re traveling are tuna cans. They can be safely & easely transported and contain a lot of protein..
•Another thing you should do is to bring all the essentials;
•Omega-3 Fish Oil
•Vitamin/Mineral formula
•Amino acids (Yamamoto® Nutrition Alka AMINO or Yamamoto® Nutrition BCAAs)
•Protein powder like Yamamoto® Nutrition Hiro BLEND® - a protein mix from different sources that have different release rates.
in spite of being out of your natural habitat you are having your bases covered❗️
•This is a simple solution to staying in shape, retaining the gains you have earned, and still being able to indulge some pleasures that vacations allow you to.
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