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IFBB Pro Miha Zupan on Instagram

I believe in eating clean all the time and staying lean during offseason in order to take advantage of the improved insulin sensitivity.
The strategy of eating like a pig in order to gain muscle will leave you, unfortunately, looking like one

With the exception of the super fast metabolism of some 'lucky' people most of us need to focus on consuming quality calories in order to gain muscle. •Insulin sensitivity is crucial to body composition and it will help you to put on muscle by shuttling the nutrient that you eat to your muscles..
•So what can you do (beside lose fat & avoid processed foods) to improve your insulin sensitivity
Supplementing with;
•Yamamoto Nutrition Alpha LIPOIC ACID or
•Yamamoto Nutrition Lipoic-CR may do the trick, but the BEST supplement that will improve your insulin sensitivity is Yamamoto Nutrition's CHNOS-MIMETIC
•Increase your consumption of Fish OIL too


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