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Inflammation happens for a reason

Like all things in our body, inflammation happens for a reason. It is a necessary component of the healing process. Without inflammation, wounds wouldn't heal... ever.
• It’s important to know that the acute inflammation induced by training is not the same as long term chronic inflammation; the same as elevated blood pressure and heart rate during a workout and the recovery period are not the same as chronically elevated blood pressure and a high resting heart rate.
• Acute i
nflammation is essential to muscle growth. After you work out, injured muscle fibers are lysed and growth factors flow in to increase the rate of muscle regeneration!
• Chronic inflammation should be a concern to bodybuilders, powerlifters, and anyone trying to stay fit and healthy. Chronic inflammation slows down and disrupts metabolic processes that are critical to building lean muscle and burning fat.
So how do you control inflammation so you get some but not too much?
• Add Coconut oil to your diet.
• Increase spices like curcumin, ginger, and oregano.
• Limit refined carbs.
• Lose weight if overweight.
• Get a massage. A massage is an excellent way to relieve inflammation.
• Avoid (or limit) alcohol.
• Supplement with Yamamoto Nutrition NeuroSURGE
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