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Jörg Kapfer replaces Wolfgang Schober as head of IFBB Austri

Jörg Kapfer replaces Wolfgang Schober as head of IFBB Austria

Big changes are taking place within the IFBB Austrian National Federation.

Early Saturday morning (28 December, 2019), Former IFBB Austria president Wolfgang Schober, published a press release on his personal social media informing athletes that he has joined NPC Worldwide.

In his message, Wolfgang claims that he was listening to the athletes suggestions to join NPC Worldwide.

Not long after posting his message, one of Arnold Schwarzenegger’s best friends, Albert Busek, expressed his disappointment in the way Wolfgang handled this matter and joining the NPC.

Wolfgang has been missing for sometime from IFBB International events and immediately after reading his press release, Evolutionofbodybuilding.net contacted the head office of the IFBB for clarification on this issue.

Evolutionofbodybuilding.net was informed by the IFBB head office that Wolfgang Schober was under investigation for certain activities that went against IFBB rules.
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