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2019 Arnold Classic Europe IFBB Elite Pro show

The 2019 Arnold Classic Europe IFBB Elite Pro show took place on Saturday, 22 September, 2019.

This was the second edition of the Arnold Classic Europe Pro show affiliated with the IFBB Elite Pro division. The Arnold Classic Europe Pro events have been organized in Europe for the past nine years.

The top IFBB Elite Pro athletes were invited to compete in this prestigious event by the IFBB and IFBB Elite Pro.

The level of competition was very high with the athletes stepping on stage in fantastic condition.

The bikini division had a large line-up of contestants that surely gave the judges a difficult task to select not only the final ten, but eventually the winner. Yana Kuznetsova from Russia won for the second successive year.

The Men’s Physique title was up for grabs as multiple IFBB Elite Pro and 2018 winner Dmytro Horobets did contest this show.

The Men’s Physique title went to Abies Nosa from the United Kingdom.

The Fitness category defending champion Nikolett Szabo had to settle for second place as she was edged out by Ukraines, Oksana Orobets. The performances in this division were fantastic by all the competitors.

Another very difficult task for the judges was the Men’s Classic Physique category. All the athletes were in fantastic condition. They all showed great aesthetics, condition and symmetry. When it came to the vacuum pose, the audience witnessed what the real classic physique should look like.

Ukraine’s Serhii Danilets was the last man standing in this difficult category as he lifted the title of 2019 Men’s Classic Physique Arnold Classic Europe Champion.

Slovakia’s Michal Krizanek defended his Arnold Classic Europe title to win it for the second successive year.

Michal did not win this title easily as he was pushed to the edge by fellow IFBB elite Pro World Champion Mika Sihvonen from Finland.

At the end of the battle, Michal, who is the bigger athlete won the show. Mika was the better athlete when it came to condition, presentation, posing and overall aesthetics.
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