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2019 IFBB Panatta World Cup.

2019 IFBB Panatta World Cup.

A fantastic competition and expo took place in Rimini, Italy between 1-2 June 2019.

The 2019 IFBB Panatta World Cup had close to 1000 amateur athletes make the trip to Italy with the goal to try to win the prestigious IFBB Elite Pro card.

13 IFBB Elite Pro cards were available to be won and €20,000 in cash prizes were spread among the top athletes.

The name that stood out during this competition was bodybuilding athlete Andrea Bolzoni.

Andrea won the overall bodybuilding title to continue his fantastic run of results in the 2019 season.

Andrea is the top IFBB amateur bodybuilding athlete in the 2019 season. His near perfect aesthetics and condition is very hard to beat and Andrea always makes sure he is in top shape for every competition he enters.

As the 2019 season continues, more amateur athletes are competing in various IFBB shows. With a large amount of shows each weekend spread all over the world and especially Europe, it has become much easier for the amateur athlete to gain experience in competing on more than one occasion.
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