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Pomembnejše mednarodne tekme do konca leta 2011

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Cilj je udeležiti se potemnjenih.

14. Elite Tour Thessaloniki, Greeve 04-05.06.2011
15. World Children Fitness Championships T b c 07.2011
16. Asian Championships Mongolia 28-31.07.2011
17. Baikal Grand Prix Irkutsk, Russia 06-08.08.2011
18. Central American & Caribbean Championships San Salvador, El Salvador 09.2011
19. South American Championships Cleveland, Ohio. USA 02-03.09.2011
20. Eastern European Championships Moscow, Russia 10.2011
21. Arnold Classic Europe Madrid, Spain 07-10.2011
22. World Women´s Championships Novi-Sad, Serbia 14-16.10.2011
23. Mediterranean Championships Malta 28-30.10.2011
24. Fitness Empire Grand Prix Moscow, Russia 30.10.2011
25. Men´s World Championships & International Congress Mumbai, India 03-07.11.2011
26. Arab Games Doha, Qatar 11-14.11.2011
27. World Classic Bodybuilding Championships Tallinn, Estonia 18-21.11.2011
28. World Juniors & Masters Championships T b c 12.2011

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The Arnold Classic is moving forward fast.

A great multisport program will take place following the best tradition of the original Arnold Weekend concept, including Olympic and non-Olympic sports.

For this first edition are already included:

- Arm wrestling
- Basketball
- Bodybuilding
- Fencing
- Firemen and special units of the Police Exhibition
- Gymnastics
- Martial Arts
- Paralympics
- Powerlifting
- Strong Men
- Trek & Field
- Weightlifting

Other attractive events are in the process to be included in the program. Only the Trek & Field races, including different ages categories, will incorporate over 3.000 participants.

Madrid City Hall and government will cooperate with this sport activity in which the IFBB has great expectations.

The opening ceremony shall be at the Spanish Olympic Committee Headquarters, with city and Government authorities and members of the international sport community, famous athletes, and members of the Olympic Family, including a cocktail and dinner, in an environment plenty of glamour and passion for sport.

The venue site is the magnificent Palace of Congress of Madrid, located in the most modern area of the city and very well communicated, surrounded by good quality hotels and very well connected with the historical center and downtown.

Madrid is a city that combines history and places for enjoyment; with a very active daily and nigh life.

Spain is very well known as one of the most attractive and touristic countries in the world, being Madrid, by itself and the neighboring, plenty of reasons to take extra days; making this trip a unique destination to enjoy life.

The weather in October used to be mild, making the destination even more attractive.

The first Arnold Classic Europe is a multisport event in which bodybuilding and the IFBB will have an important presence with all the amateur categories and a great pro event.


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This information was long-awaited and wanted in the European bodybuilding circles: this year European Juniors and Masters Championships will be held in Alcala de Henares, Madrid, Spain. Alcala is a city well-known to bodybuilders as it was the place of the 2009 IFBB World Classic Bodybuilding Championships and World Fitness Cup. So, we can say that bodybuilding is coming back to the Cervantes city�and the city of storks, as there are plenty of them everywhere, having their nests on the roofs of the highest buildings, church� towers, bell-towers and other buildings.

The atmosphere among the youngest and the oldest European bodybuilders had become a bit nervous in March and national federations headquarters received a lot of phone calls with questions if these Championships would be held or not. From my contacts with the IFBB President, Dr. Rafael Santonja, I know that he was doing his best, bending over backwards, to keep this contest alive. Unfortunately, there were no candidates for organization of it this year.
Finally, Dr. Santonja recalled the Spanish academic center Alcala de Henarez (meaning: Citadel on the river Henares) and 2009 IFBB event there. They agreed to the IFBB request, so the famous "Universidad de Alcalá", oriented towards the Spanish language and literature, will be the host of bodybuilding championships once again.
Thanks to our President� determination and capacity, our European juniors and masters can focus on their workouts now, continuing preparations to the continental championships to be held in Alcala on June 24th to 27th, 2011.