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Britain faces stroke epidemic fuelled by bulging waistlines

OdgovorObjavljeno: Pe maj 12, 2017 19:34
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Britain is facing an “shocking” stroke epidemic as bulging waistlines take their toll, a major report by Kings College London has found.

The study of 35 countries warns that within two decades, the number of strokes is set to rise by 44 per cent - far above the average across Europe.

The UK already has the sixth highest number of strokes in Europe, with among the highest cholesterol levels.

Cardiac experts last night warned that soaring obesity levels are fuelling heart problems, and said simple lifestyle changes could greatly reduce the risk of strokes.

The research shows that on current trends, the number of strokes in the UK will rise by 44 per cent by 2035 - compared with a European average of 34 per cent.

Britain is expected to see the largest increase in stroke survivors, amid warnings of “alarming” variations in levels of basic care available.

The Stroke Association said services would fall under increasing strain as the population gets older. But they said heart problems were not an inevitable result of ageing, urging the public to do more to tackle unhealthy lifestyles.

Up to nine in ten strokes are preventable, if changes are made to lifestyle, or treatment started for conditions which increase heart risks, research suggests.
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